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This section of the town refers to the excavations that took place from 1991 until recently and has revealed the extraordinary continuity of life from the 8thC A.D. through to the Middle Ages.

These excavations have unearthed huts dating back to 7thC-8thC A.D., an Etruscan building and the remains of an Etruscan temple situated north-south on the rectangular plan (17mx22m).

The multi coloured materials, appertaining to the roof decoration (reconstruction in the museum) date back to the middle of the 4thC A.D.

One can also see the remains of two medieval towers; one showing the foundations with the initial part of the structure – more than likely constructed for defensive purposes; the other tower, built on the rock, with considerably large square stones, has very ancient origins.

The buildings present at the first half of the 14thC were demolished and brought down to their actual level following the directive of Bishop Tarlati who transformed the living area of Cassero into a fortress zone.