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The archeological civic museum


Inaugurated in 2001, the museum has amassed relics that have been unearthed during the excavation work which took place from the end of the 1980’s until recently and it tells the history of Castiglion Fiorentino and its surrounding territory. The museum consists of five rooms and exhibits artefacts from the ancient Etruscan town and neighbouring settlements dating from the Iron Age through to the late III-IV century B.C. and beyond. Of notable importance are the findings from Brolio and Montecchio, the remains of the roof of an Etruscan temple found in the Cassero excavations and the testimonies from the Etruscan site of Brolio Melmone which was a manufacturing and trading centre situated along the Clanis river (now known as the Chiana river).

From 2008 the Museum has been enriched with artefacts from the Middle Ages, thus completing the historical and archaeological path of the town. The exhibition room shows a vast range of datable artefacts, from the IX century onwards, amongst which are precious ancient and renaissance Majolica ceramics.